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The aim of the Toaq wiki is to provide insightful information on the Toaq language, including existing/historical discussions about its workings.

Posting rules

  1. When relevant, disclose non-officiality (experimental/non-canon features), non-objectivity (personal point of view), and authorship (who did what).
  2. If possible, include sources (e.g., chat logs) to go with your statements (if such statement may be considered controversial / at odds with one's expectations of a given opinion-haver).
  3. Do not include specific names of particles in titles; rather, opt for general descriptions of concepts. This is especially important for experimental features, whose word forms like to change with time. For example, instead of calling your wiki article 'ju', call it 'parenthetical statements' (and optionally include a redirect from one to the other). Generic titles like these enable for broad topic coverage (not restricted to one word or one specific instantiation of the concept).

Useful templates

  • {{t|Tỏaq da}} renders as Tỏaq da (in bold and marked semantically as Toaq text).
  • {{Tone|4}} renders as falling tone. You can specify a pixel height (the default is 20): {{Tone|4|30}} renders as falling tone.
  • {{Example|Kủqsē ní da.|“This is some text.”}} renders as:

Kủqsē ní da.
“This is some text.”