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Hỉo ka! OhNik! Welcome to the Toaq wiki!

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Toaq (pronounced [tʰo.aŋ]) is a constructed language developed by Hoemaı. It is a tonal language with an unambiguous syntax based on predicate logic.

Toaq values simplicity, succinctness, and aesthetics. Flexibility emerges from a small amount of rules. Pủa súq chîe zủdeq ja mí Tỏaq ba! (May you enjoy learning Toaq!)

You can read a description of the language on the official website. Evolution of the language is ongoing on the official blog and Discord.

Resources on this wiki

  • A glossary of terms often used in the Toaq community.
  • A directory of links to all kinds of resources.
Please note: This wiki was founded not a long time ago and is still in its infancy. So if you have the time, or spot an erroneous claim, please contribute – be bold!