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Illocutions mark the purpose of the sentence. It also ends the sentence.

List of illocutions

Illocution Purpose
da assertive
móq interogative
môq rhetorical interogative
ka performative
ba wishes/hopes (optative)
imperative (elided súq)
nha promissive
doa permissive
ꝡo warning
seeking confirmation


da is used for asserting things. Think of this as a normal sentence (as in not a question or a command, but just stating something).

Please note that all caps "ASS" stands for "assertive", and not the other word.

Bu guaı súq da.
not work you ASS
"You aren't working."

If you are now explaining why you aren't working, you would need .

tired I ASSexpl
"I'm tired."

moq is used for asking questions.

Ma luı nuo súq móq?
whether PRF sleep you INT
"Have you slept?"

môq is for rhetorical questions. You didn't sleep because you were working!

Bu nuo kûı môq?
not sleep I because which INTrhet
"Why didn't I sleep?"

So, you probably need sleep now. It's best to say goodbye now. ka is for "performing" things.

Shaıhıo súq ka.
greet.on.parting I you PER
"I hereby greet you upon parting." (i.e. "Goodbye.")

ba is for telling people to do things as well as for expressing wishes and hopes. Anyway, they want to make sure you're actually going to sleep.

Nuo ba.
Sleep OPT

nha is used for promises.

Jıa nuo nha.
FUT sleep I PRM
"(I promise) I'll sleep."