Full Arguments

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Full Arguments is a proposal to merge the mid-falling tone and falling creaky tone tones (say, into mid-falling tone).

The new tone would turn intransitive verbs into adverbs, and transitive verbs into prepositions:

Sủaq súq tì sóaq.
You sing beautifully in the garden.

Here, is intransitive so it does not take súq as its complement, but is transitive so it takes sóaq as its complement.

Effectively, there is now only one kind of "adverbial", which consumes as many arguments as the verb can still hold (after filling the subject with the event variable) — hence the name.

The difficulty with this proposal is that there are a few verbs which make sense both as adverbs and prepositions, for example ào and ão.

This has more-or-less been adopted in Toaq Delta as hiatus tone.

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