Minecraft (mı Huaıbaı) is a 3D sandbox RPG game focused on gathering resources in a voxely world.

Toaq translation

Loekıa has authored a translation pack for Minecraft. You can take a peek at it over at the GitHub repo.


There’s an ongoing effort to meet up in a fresh survival world. If you speak at least a smidgeon of Toaq or just want to tag along or listen in on the voice chat shenanigans, fill in your general availability times here: https://www.when2meet.com/?14612919-aS6Ew.


Some Toaqists (organized by Nano) are participating in the Minecraft server CivCubed. This server is known as a "civ" server, where players roleplay their playing groups as nations or countries, and they are playing as a Toaqgua nation. All communication among this group regarding the game will be in Toaq only. If you want to participate, check out the CivCubed Discord server and then talk in the group thread (preferably in Toaq)!


Hoaqgıo, uakci and a couple others used to play Minecraft together somewhere around 2019. TODO expand