The aim of the Toaq wiki is to provide insightful information on the Toaq language, including existing/historical discussions about its workings.

Posting rules

Post short

  • More specifically: post on one topic at a time.
  • Short and sweet beats long and bitter.
    • An article with multiple wordy technical asides is an article that’s just begging to be splintered into several, thematically more coherent articles.
    • Use the devices of the wiki to your advantage. Hyperlinks, such as with Template:Hatnote, can help seal related discussions together without forcing everything into one enormous, cluttered page. Also, don’t be shy to make use of redirects. including adding new redirects to existing pages as you please.
  • Try moving tangential information into the footnote section – while not ideal, it beats breaking the flow of the text.

Post clear

  • Avoid advanced language.
  • Make the entry barrier as low as you can. Don’t introduce cursory concepts that don’t aid essential understanding. In a way, don’t aim a cannon at a fly.
    • Use the advice from the section above: it’s better to have two articles with different entry levels than one whose entry level is going to be the higher of the two.

Post responsible

  • Don’t be afraid to make large changes, especially ones which make the wiki more accessible in line with these guidelines.
  • To the best of your ability, disclose unofficial and headcanon information.
    • A large banner warning of experimental features is not necessary, but a mention is welcome.
    • Conversely, when relaying information that is official, do your best to link to a source where Hoemaı states it or implies it.
    • I would also recommend linking to your user page whenever you say ‘I’. This especially applies to strongly subjective statements.
  • The wiki does not have to serve the role of an end-all-be-all hive of information, so any information that would overflow the scope of a wiki page, but which would still be appreciated by a researcher or archivist, may instead be linked to.
    • When linking, please provide a Template:Transcript. You don’t have to paste in the full text, but please include the lede at the very least.
    • For refgram links, there’s Template:Refgram, nice and unobtrusive.

Useful templates

  • {{t|Toaq súq}} renders as Toaq súq (in bold and marked semantically as Toaq text).
  • {{Derani|󱚾󱚺󱚶󱚹|jadı}} renders as 󱚾󱚺󱚶󱚹 jadı.
  • {{Done|4}} (for 'Delta tone 4') renders as  . You can specify a pixel height (the default is 20): {{Done|4|30}} renders as  .
  • {{Example|Kuqse ní da.|“This is some text.”}} renders as:

Kuqse ní da.
“This is some text.”