Discord appliances

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Nủogaı is a multi-purpose Discord bot available to use on the Toaq Discord server.

Here’s a short list of commands:

  • % – Toadua querying. Place a number immediately after the % to indicate the number of search results, and a number after a space (but before the search query) to indicate which page number of the result list to show.
  • %logic, %structure, %english, %tree invoke Lynn’s zugaı parser. %all batches all four queries into one for convenience
  • %serial – expand a serial step-by-step using Lynn’s expand_serial.py tool
  • %miu – jelca’s Mỉu
  • %hoe – convert plain Toaq and render it in the 1st version of the Toaq script. %hoe! to input raw ASCII representing the glyphs in the font