Plural Predication

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Plural Predication is a 2006 book by Thomas McKay about "the enrichment of logic with non-distributive plural predication and quantification".

Such "plural logic" may be used to reason about English, but it is also explicitly the foundation of Toaq semantics, which makes the book very relevant to Toaq learners.

The book has been influential in the development of logical languages: guskant's commentary on Lojban gadri cites it, and it has been recommended by Hoemai on Discord.

Comparison of notation
Meaning McKay Toaq Mıu Lojban Also seen as
existential plural quantification sa su'oi
universal plural quantification ("all-of") Λ tuq Λ ru'oi
universal plural quantification ("¬∃¬") tu ro'oi
definite ("the") quantification ι ke lo'au?
"among" relation xAy mea y x x ⊑ y x me y
compound term ⌊x, y, z⌉ x roı y roı z x ⊔ y ⊔ z x jo'u y jo'u z