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Toadua is a collaborative community dictionary for Toaq. It is operated by User:Uakci and lives here.

It's easy to make an account and start defining and voting on words.


Toaq is not a democracy,[citation needed] but the language could not grow easily without a steady flow of community-invented and community-adopted "unofficial" words. Eventually, a definition submitted to Toadua may become official. Votes mostly reflect how well-liked and adopted by the community a word is.



You can type Toaq or English words in the search bar.

Hint: Verbs are conjugated in Toaq definition, so if you want a word for "to spy" you should search for spies.

If you only want to see definitions in English, set "search scope 'en' only:" to yes above the search bar. You can change the search scope by editing the scope field in the add-new-word form on the front page.

You can type option:value options in the search bar together with your search terms, such as pai scope:tok or head:fu or cat user:lynn. (The "head" is the Toaq word that an entry defines.)

The head: options supports special pattern-searching syntax: C/V match any consonant/vowel, ? matches any letter, and * matches one or more letters. For example, head:saCVq finds words of the shape sa+consonant+vowel+q, and head:*ke finds words ending in -ke.

Defining words

You can add new words from the front page. When writing a definition, type three underscores ___ to leave an argument place. It will be converted into a fancy ▯ automatically.

Make sure you are submitting to the right "scope" (language). When adding a word, use the "scope:" field in the bottom left to set the scope to "en" for English, "jbo" for Lojban, "toa" for Toaq, or some natural language's IETF tag.

Inside a definition or comment, #A1b2C3d4E links to the definition with that ID, and **toa** will be converted to a clickably-searchable Toaq word or phrase.


The source code is on GitHub.