The Toaq community is mainly centralized around a Discord server. We talk in and about Toaq, and share translations, poetry, prose, sound files, et cetera. There is even the occasional voice chat! Feel free to join.


nuogai is uakci~#4677's bot. It hosts a few Toaq utilities. Follow this page (or type in %help) to list its commands. Most usefully, % rabbit (with a space) looks up words matching "rabbit" on Toadua.

If you want to be notified for voice chats when they happen, Kalı can give you the voice chat ping role if you post !rank voicechat in any channel.


There is a rainbow-colored ladder of roles corresponding to language skill levels:

Role Meaning Skill level
"Pays attention" Participates in conversations about Toaq, but has not learned much Toaq.
Chıe "Learns" Knows some basic Toaq.
Joe "Skilled" Can read and write Toaq given time to look up words. Understands tricky grammar.
Choa "Utters" Can participate in basic real-time everyday spoken Toaq conversation. (like CEFR A1/A2)
Suoı "Great" Can speak freely and doesn't need a dictionary. (like CEFR B1/B2)
Jıao "God" Near-fluency or fluency. (like CEFR C1/C2)


In some channels you may encounter people using the Derani script. Without proper font support, these characters will display as □ boxes ('tofu'), or even just be invisible. To make Derani text visible, see the instructions for installing the font in Discord. To type Derani, see the input methods page.