Toaq Delta

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Toaq Delta is the current version of Toaq, released on December 6, 2022. It is described in the Toaq Delta Reference Grammar.

Changes from Gamma


  • New consonant /w~j/ written Ꝡꝡ.
  • Vowel y /ə/ is gone. There are new diphthongs like /e.u/ or /i.ɛj/.
  • Syllables can end in /m/ in addition to /ŋ/.
  • There are 4 tones, down from 7.
  • There is a new system of derivational prefixes.


  • Some typographic conventions are established: commas around clauses, ? at the end of a question.
  • A new writing system, Derani.


  • Determiners take the rising tone rising tone.
    • is a determiner.
  • The new glottal tone glottal tone marks subordinating function words. Notably, it doesn't go on verbs.
  • Old tones mid-falling tone and falling creaky tone merged into the single adjunct tone hiatus tone.
  • New pronouns.
    • róu, etc are gone: instead, attach hú- to any head to refer back to the phrase headed by it.
  • Many uses of are replaced by the cleft verb . Only real topics use .
  • Adjectives come after the "noun" now.
  • Object incorporation is richer.
  • Sentence prefixes (JE) are gone. Use connectives or interjections instead.
  • Forethought connectives (TO) are gone.
  • Connectives can be tone-conjugated to change how closely they bind.


  • chufaq → chum, naby → nam
  • hóı is now the vocative marker and the "aforementioned" determiner (they swapped places).